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Finished Pink Gang Rug


Hello! I have finished my first rug in my “Pink Gang” series. Hooray!

(You can read more about the background of this series in my last post, from August 28th)

Here is is:


And here is the back:


I am so happy with this rug, and it was a joy to create. It was made with a burlap background, and hooked with a variety of yarns- Brown Sheep Company bulky for the hair, skin, and sari, and Briggs and Little for the background. The stick and the gold jewelry were hooked with mystery scraps from my yarn basket. I have been experimenting with using finer yarns and I am really enjoying the detail you can achieve with them.

Admittedly, the face of this woman is not how I had envisioned it would be. I had hoped to make her look fierce, as women in the pink gang must be, but she persisted in looking gentle. I have learned from the past that when you fuss and fuss over a piece of art, trying to force it to look a certain way- well, it shows! The art can look overworked and frustrated. So I decided to allow this woman to look gentle 🙂 I am planning to create several more pink gang rugs for the Taza India Bazaar, so I will experiment with creating other facial expressions. I also want to try some different backgrounds.

Now I just need to add a dowel to the back of the rug, for hanging, and a tag with my name and the date, and this piece will be all ready to go!

Here are some detail shots of the rug:


A gentle expression.


A bright gold ring.

I hope that you like this rug, too. Please share any questions or comments below 🙂

xoxoxoxo Margaret


2 thoughts on “Finished Pink Gang Rug

  1. Beautiful. What are the dimensions of this rug?


  2. Oh wow … Congratulations! I met you in Wolfville and you had just started this project. It looks amazing and I love that it has a social message! Love following your blog!


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