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My Very First Quilt


Alternate title for this post: The Quilt That Took A Zillion Years To Complete

I have been wanting to try making my first quilt for some time now. I have also been rather intimidated by the idea- I consider myself to be a beginner at sewing.  In the Autumn, I found a lovely simple pattern for a quilt. It was from a library book called Sew Darn Cute: 30 Sweet and Simple Projects to Sew and Embellish by Jenny Ryan. The project was called the Spumoni Stripe Quilt. It was designed to be a baby blanket! But I thought it would make a lovely lap quilt for my partner, Mike. Mike is always chilly, and his favourite thing to do in the evenings is snuggle on the couch with our cat, Tubbs. I thought they would both enjoy a special quilt made just for them.


I went to the fabric shop intending to buy fabrics in shades of golden yellow, orange, and brown. Those colours make me think of Mike. However, when I saw this fabric with bicycles and cats, I knew that I had to use it. Bicycle rides and cat snuggles are basically the glue that hold me and Mike together. Well, that and fart jokes. (Gentle readers, if any of you know of fart themed fabric, please let me know!)


I am sorry, but I cannot tell you the name of this fabric, because I forgot to note it before I chopped it up! Do any of you know?

Anyhoot, I began the quilt in early December, hoping to finish it by Christmas as a gift for Mike. However, I got busy and distracted, making craft for holiday markets, preparing for a new job, and travelling to Newfoundland. I thought,”Hey, I’ll finish it time for our anniversary in January”. Nope. Valentine’s day? NOPE. The project kept get put aside for work, and plans for my upcoming wedding, and life. I finally finished it in time for Mike’s birthday in May. Thank goodness!


I tried to hide this project from Mike, but it didn’t work. I kept referring to it as “my top secret project that you know nothing about”. He was very sweet about turning a blind eye to the quilt laid out on my studio floor. when he finally received it, he loved it. So do the cats. This makes me happy!

tubbs quilt

I really enjoyed making this quilt, and would love to make more! I used my sewing machine to piece the fabrics together, but the quilting itself was done by hand. I enjoyed working while chatting with my friends or watching movies. It has lots of mistakes, especially in the corners, but hey, that only adds to it’s charm, right?!?

I would love to make another quilt based on this pattern for myself, to use for as a picnic blanket and yoga mat. Perhaps I will make another as a gift for my parents sometime, too. And of course it would be a great gift for a new baby. And I want to make a queen size quilt for our bed. I will keep you posted on all future projects!

Love Margaret xoxoxoxo

Ps: The photographs outdoors were taken by Mike Beazley. The photo of cozy Tubbs was taken by me!



4 thoughts on “My Very First Quilt

  1. Good job! I love the red stitches😊


  2. Good job! I love the red stitches ☺️


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