Charmed Life Craft

Hooked rugs and other delights by Margaret Forsey


How to care for your Charmed Life Hooked Rug:

  • Please remember that my rugs are intended to be hung on the wall as art pieces. If they are used on the floor they will not last as long. If I do make a piece intended for the floor, this will be noted on its label.
  • My rugs are made with a burlap backing. Burlap disintegrates if it gets wet. Therefore, do not dry clean your rug, put it in the washing machine, or immerse in water.
  • Display or store your rug in a dry place.
  • If the right side (the fluffy side) of the rug gets a spill, soak it up immediately with a damp cloth.
  • You can use a damp cloth with mild soap to wipe off the right side.
  • To remove dust or hair from the surface of your rug, use a sticky lint roller brush, like those found at drugstores.
  • When you store your rugs, store them flat, or rolled with the fluffy side out.  Out them in cloth bags, rather than plastic, so that they can breathe. It is helpful to put a lavender or cedar sachet with the piece, to deter moths.
  • It is an old Newfoundland tradition to place rugs fluffy side down on a fresh, clean layer of snow, for a few hours, once a year. This will freshen up the rug and loosen any dust. Give this tradition a try!

If cared for carefully, your hooked rug should be enjoyed for many years to come!



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