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My Very First Hat

   Hello everyone :). I am sorry that I haven’t posted in so very long. Life has been very full recently, with some travel, a new job, and much to integrate. I am happy to be back in this space now, though!

   I want to share some photos of the first hat I ever knit! This may not seem so exciting to some of you…the hat is very simple. But as I wrote before, I am a newish knitter, and am delighted to be learning new skills and completing new projects.


   I finished this hat in late December. It is called “The Tom Hat” and was designed by Margeau Soboti (  It was double-strand knitted, using DK weight yarn from the Mineville Wool Project. I chose my favourite colour, raspberry, which makes my heart sing. The pattern is a very simple one, great for a first hat. I decided to add a HUGE pom-pom. I have seen some photos of hats with big pom-poms on style blogs and loved the look. Also, it bounces when I walk and that makes me giggle!



   To be honest, I am still deciding if the pom-pom looks cute, or really silly and dorky. what do you think?


   These photographs were taken by my lovely boyfriend while on a walk in the wintery woods. I love the leaping photo!

   Thank you for visiting. ❤ Maggie xoxoxox

ps: My dad loved his scarf and wore it all through the Christmas season. My mom loved her scarf, too! Yay! Who knows, maybe by next Christmas I will be knitting socks for them…. 😉


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A cozy scarf for my dad!

My dad has a birthday coming up in early December. Recently, I knit a lovely squishy scarf as a gift for him. Here it is being modelled by my sweet boyfriend Mike:


I am a newish and fairly unskilled knitter. I learned how to knit about two years ago, but it did not really take. I was working as a private childcare provider at that time, caring for several very young children. I was also taking a class in Waldorf Early Childhood Education. Needless to say, I was very tired and didn’t have a lot of brain space to perfect new skills!

One of the first things I ever knit was a very simple blue cotton scarf for my dad. It was FULL of mistakes and holes, absurdly long and stretched in weird ways. My sweet dad, however, still wears it daily when the weather gets cold, and proudly shows it off to everyone he meets. (Nice of him, but very embarrassing for me!)

Anyhoot…..last May I left my nannying job, in order to devote all of my energy to my own art and ECE projects. Now that I have more time, energy, and brain-space, I have been hanging out at my wonderful local wool shop, trying to expand and fine-tune my knitting skills.

I decided to make my dad a new scarf!

The pattern came from the book Last minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. I highly recommend this book for new knitters. The patterns are simple but quite charming. The scarf pattern I used is called “Men’s Cashmere Scarf”. I didn’t use cashmere for this, however. I used a wool yarn from Fleece Artist, called Coraline. It is 100% corridale wool. The yarn is dyed a lovely deep blue called ocean.


(Mike is cute!)

I really enjoyed knitting this scarf. It has fewer mistakes than anything else I’ve knit. SCORE! I am excited to mail it to my dad, and when I visit Newfoundland at Christmas, I’ll take some pictures of him wearing it, to share with you.

Are you knitting anything these days? When you first started, did you make anything ridiculous and dorky? Please share in your comments 🙂

xoxoxoxo Maggie