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My Very First Hat

   Hello everyone :). I am sorry that I haven’t posted in so very long. Life has been very full recently, with some travel, a new job, and much to integrate. I am happy to be back in this space now, though!

   I want to share some photos of the first hat I ever knit! This may not seem so exciting to some of you…the hat is very simple. But as I wrote before, I am a newish knitter, and am delighted to be learning new skills and completing new projects.


   I finished this hat in late December. It is called “The Tom Hat” and was designed by Margeau Soboti (  It was double-strand knitted, using DK weight yarn from the Mineville Wool Project. I chose my favourite colour, raspberry, which makes my heart sing. The pattern is a very simple one, great for a first hat. I decided to add a HUGE pom-pom. I have seen some photos of hats with big pom-poms on style blogs and loved the look. Also, it bounces when I walk and that makes me giggle!



   To be honest, I am still deciding if the pom-pom looks cute, or really silly and dorky. what do you think?


   These photographs were taken by my lovely boyfriend while on a walk in the wintery woods. I love the leaping photo!

   Thank you for visiting. ❤ Maggie xoxoxox

ps: My dad loved his scarf and wore it all through the Christmas season. My mom loved her scarf, too! Yay! Who knows, maybe by next Christmas I will be knitting socks for them…. 😉